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Rancho Drivetrain Engineering 

Rancho Drivetrain Engineering is driven by innovation and advancements in drivetrain technology. Under the direction of Tony Selva, we have assembled a dedicated team prepared to deliver the expertise our customers demand. 

In addition to our team, we have developed close relationships with experts in the fields of machining, metallurgy, and foundry work to bring you the best in drivetrain technology. Hard work and dedication to our customers is our number one priority. Our customers receive hands-on technical support at most racing events.

We offer this attention to detail and these services to ensure the continued performance, quality and reliability of our drivetrain products. The ultimate goal is to achieve the most efficient and reliable transmission of power to the ground.

We seek to optimize every transmission component, so the material used becomes ever more critical to our success. Ongoing testing of both new and existing materials, often in conjunction with our customers, allows us to offer the extra competitive edge in the hostile environments known as Off-road racing. 

In 1997 one of our customers called on us to help with an Audi-based automatic transaxle featured in his Porter Class 1 race car.  It was during this relationship that a number of significant improvements to the automatic transaxle, and to the TH400 transmission found in many of today's Trophy Trucks, were developed.  The Porter was later sold to McMillin Racing. Corky McMillin saw the need for a more robust automatic transaxle to handle the horsepower and torque that the V8's were delivering.  Because of Tony's earlier developmental improvements on the automatic transaxle, Corky and Tony teamed up to create what is now known as the M1 Transaxle.

Rancho Drivetrain Engineering demands only the best and our research and development rely on continual feed back and suggestions from our race teams.




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