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M1 Automatic Transaxle 

The M1 Transaxle is the next step in the evolution of drivetrain technology.  It is designed to meet the ever increasing demands for more power.  Extensive research and development in the hostile environment of Off-Road racing has shown  that the M1 Transaxle is up to the task. 

3-speed Automatic Transaxle 

CNC Machined Case with Reinforced Steel Timeserts for added strength 

All mating surfaces are sealed with High Temperature Resistant O-Rings 

10” Ring Gear with the Ring and Pinion Set on Center to deliver Power and Torque more efficiently 

Mid and Rear Engine configuration 

Proprietary Designed Input, Intermediate and Output Shafts consisting of 300M Billet Steel 

30mm Output Flanges 

The M1 Transaxle utilizes a billet Torque Converter and is constructed to each of our customers’ specifications.  

When consulting with our customers, we take into consideration their engine's horsepower and torque power band, tire diameter and preferred stall speed. 

Our selection of bellhousings can fit a variety of today's powerplants, which include LS1, LS7, SBC, SBF and Toyota V8.  Hardened steel inserts are pressed and machined into the bellhousing to insure proper location of the dowels.




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