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 Full-time in-house technicians are available to service our products with the same skill and attention to detail that goes into the assembly of each new gearbox. Once assembled, products undergo pre-delivery tests to ensure that transmission assemblies leave the facility 'ready to run'. This service can range from a single rebuild to the management of a season long maintenance and support program. 

Transmission Dyno Testing: 

After every rebuild, gearboxes are run on our in-house transmission dyno to ensure the correct operation of the box prior to shipment to the customer. This facility can also be used by customers wishing to test their transmission under certain simulated conditions. 

Specialized Services: 

Magnaflux inspection (either wet or dry method) of all components, either during a scheduled in-house rebuild, or available as a service to customers.  

Additional services include consulting on transmission fitment, transmission cooler plumbing, and ultrasonic parts cleaning.  We offer this attention to detail and these services to ensure the continued performance, quality and reliability of our drivetrain products.




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